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Panjabi MC features on the 'HISSS' Movie Soundtrack starring 'Mallika Sherawat' with a new song called "I've Got That Poison"
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 23:38


Panjabi MC collaborated with Filmfare award-winning singer Shweta Pandit on a track entitled, I've Got That Poison, that purportedly uses the snake charmer flute (or, "been") in a groundbreaking way. It was Panjabi MC's past hit "Snake Charmer" that led the film's producers to seek out the group for the soundtrack to the film.

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BIG DAY PARTY: Panjabi MC & Kuldeep Manak New Video
Monday, 11 October 2010 14:09

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Panjabi MC & Kuldeep Manak New Video - Big Day Party

THE RAJ - Brand new album by Panjabi MC - Coming Soon
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Panjabi MC In The Studio with an Itumbi
Thursday, 07 October 2010 23:05

Panjabi MC with his "iTumbi" iphone app, in the studio making a beat for Lehmber Hussainpuri.



For more info visit the iTumbi store HERE


Panjabi MC launches the iTumbi
Thursday, 07 October 2010 23:05

Panjabi MC launches the first ever fully playable Tumbi.

Panjabi MC iTumbi from iTunes

 Application that emulates the a tumbi (a single stringed instrument)

Panjabi MC launches the first ever fully playable Tumbi on the iPhone and iPad.
The iTumbi is the latest creation from the world renowned Bhangra producer Panjabi MC. There is a free version to try but it’s the full version that gives you full access to the first ever virtual Tumbi.

The Tumbi is used in many Bhangra and Desi songs, it is the most recognised Punjabi instrument because of the unique sound it produces. Although the instrument is said to be thousands of years old, it was popularized by Lal Chand Yamala Jatt in the 60’s and still the most common sound in Punjabi music even today.

Now the PMC records iTUMBI takes this ancient instrument to the digital age. You can jam play or even record at professional quality.
The iTumbi is great fun and a great tool for just messing around or recording professional melodies.

For more info visit the iTumbi store HERE


Panjabi MC "Gora Gora" (feat. Ashok Gill & Warren G)

‘Gora Gora’ is the title of Panjabi MC’s new single featuring West Coast hip-hop legend Warren G.


As soon as the baseline drops, the sounds of a classic Panjabi MC track starts filling the speakers, fusing eastern and western sounds together. Sing-along to yet another Panjabi MC hypnotic hook “Oye Hoye, Aha Aha” as we anticipate the release of his forthcoming album 56 Districts.


Panjabi MC - Gora Gora (Feat. Warren G) is available to purchase on iTunes, Google Play and all other digital outlets.




Available on all music digital stores.



The 56 Districts Tour (Agents / Promoters Only)




NEW ALBUM | 2017



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