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Panjabi MC "Gora Gora" (feat. Ashok Gill & Warren G)

‘Gora Gora’ is the title of Panjabi MC’s new single featuring West Coast hip-hop legend Warren G.


As soon as the baseline drops, the sounds of a classic Panjabi MC track starts filling the speakers, fusing eastern and western sounds together. Sing-along to yet another Panjabi MC hypnotic hook “Oye Hoye, Aha Aha” as we anticipate the release of his forthcoming album 56 Districts.


Panjabi MC - Gora Gora (Feat. Warren G) is available to purchase on iTunes, Google Play and all other digital outlets.




Available on all music digital stores.



The 56 Districts Tour (Agents / Promoters Only)




NEW ALBUM | 2017



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